A New Hive at Honey Sun

Warre HiveHoney Sun Apiaries is proud to welcome our first Warre hive to the Glade.  Last summer, Greg bought some beautiful rough-sawn cedar from Grant Cedar Mill ( www.grantcedarmill.com ) in nearby Grant, TN.  We were originally planning to turn the wood into another top bar hive, but decided we were ready to add another type hive to our bee yard.  Following simple instructions taken from the internet (there are both versions, if you would rather use the metric system), we built the hive in a day.  The legs are a little tedious but look nice upon completion.  If you look at other Warre pictures on the internet, you’ll see that a lot of people have gone to a simpler design for the legs.

The Warre Hive (also known as the People’s Hive) was developed by French beekeeper Emile Warré.  He was born around 1876 and lived until 1951. Emile WarreWarré developed the People’s Hive after experimenting with over 350 hives of various designs and types.   It was his goal to find a hive system that was simple, natural, economical, and bee-friendly.  The final result was the People’s Hive, or Ruche Populaire in his native tongue.  He outlined the construction and operation of the hive in his interesting book “Beekeeping for All.”

There is a lot of information on the internet, including a catagory on Beesource.com dedicated completely to this type hive.  We will stock this hive with a swarm in the spring and will update photos throughout the season.


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