New Split Inspection Photos

On 13 March 2012, we borrowed frames of bees, brood (including fresh eggs) and honey from two hives to make a third.  This past Saturday, 24 March, we opened up the new hive hoping to find queen cells and we did.  We found three, two on frame 5 and one on frame 4, all three near the center of the combs.  However, the colony was weaker than we expected, mainly due to a large number of dead bees on the bottom board.  When we made the split, we put one of our new bottom board feeders on this new hive and fed the new colony sugar syrup right from the start.  A bunch of the bees drowned in that syrup.  What a mess!  But we cleaned the mess up, reassembled the hive, borrowed another frame of bees and capped brood from yet another colony and closed it up.  We’ll see.  Here are some photos of the inspection.


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