Spring Packages Installed 31 March 2012

On Saturday, Greg and Angela Maxwell (who is obviously training to play Danica Patrick in the upcoming biopic) drove to Kentucky to pick up three packages of bees from Kent Williams (kvwilliams@wk.net).  Mr. Williams lives in Graves County, KY but generously agreed to meet us in Oak Grove.

It should be noted here that Angela is not a beekeeper (yet!) but graciously agreed to drive the van on Saturday.  They took a bed sheet with them to wrap up the packages hoping to prevent any “hangers on” from flying around loose inside the van.  That worked about as well as you would expect it to.

When they pulled out of the Flying J and Exit 86, there were a couple hundred loose bees flying around inside the van.  Angela had never seen, much less been amongst, that many bees but bravely jumped into the driver seat and tore out for Wilson County, Tennessee… Greg swears his van was on two wheels when they hit the entrance ramp to I-24, and said Angela’s solution to the problem for the 90 mile trek back home was to drive 90 mph with the windows rolled down pinning all the loose bees, along with everything else that wasn’t tied down, to the rear windows.  It worked.  Greg and Angela made it back without getting stung, and Greg and Steve installed the packages in the new cedar glade bee yard at Honey Sun.

Click the following link for a few photos, courtesy of Angela Maxwell:  https://honeysunapiary.wordpress.com/photos/in-the-apiary/032012-spring-packages/


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