FINALLY! First Swarm of 2012 at HSA

Finally!  We’ve been trying to force a couple of top bar hives to swarm so we can use them to start some Langs.  We’ve had the follower board pushed up tight against the 15th comb and this hive has been booming with bees. It is completely packed from front to back.   Last year, this same hive swarmed on April 10th.  We thought it would swarm earlier than that this year with the warm spring weather we’ve had, but it didn’t.  I came home today, April 24th,  and found a nice swarm hanging on the leg of an empty hive stand about ten feet from the original hive.  I scooped them up and put them in an eight frame medium Lang and they seem happy so far.  This is the start of our tenth hive.


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