LIVE ACTION! And Then There Were Eleven

Swarm #2 - 25 Apr 2012

After catching a swarm from one top bar hive yesterday, the other TBH swarmed today.  Greg spotted them about ten feet up on a cedar branch around 2:15 in the afternoon.  It was breezy and sprinkling a little, and the temperature was 82F.  We raised the swarm catching bucket up under them and gave them a bump.  Most of the bees fell in the bucket and we poured them into a hive we had sitting below.  We got a lot of bees in the hive, but there were still several thousand in the air.  Within the next hour and a half, the rest of the bees had made their way into the hive.  We’ll take it out back in a couple of days and put it on a stand with the other hives.  Two for two…. you can’t beat that!


2 responses to “LIVE ACTION! And Then There Were Eleven

  1. Georgia Buckner

    What’s a lang?
    G. Buckner

  2. Hello Mrs. Buckner, Lang is bee-speak for Langstroth. The typical white beehive you’ve probably seen since childhood, the ones with square or rectangular-shaped boxes stacked on top of each other, are called Langstroth hives, named after the man who originally designed them for mass production, L.L. Langstroth.

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