Then the Honey Hive Swarmed

When Steve finally got tired of hearing Greg complain about having to buy honey when several hundred-thousand honeybees sat right outside their back door, he relented and let Greg choose one hive to manage for a honey crop.  The original plan for 2012 was to not even think about harvesting honey from our colonies but instead focus on increase.  But a man can stand only  so much whining and in the end Greg chose hive #3 to be the honey hive.  Immediately  they began manipulating the brood nest in hive #3 in hopes of preventing a swarm.  By the end of April the hive was a booming five medium boxes high, the top two of which contained 16 medium frames of sweet, capped, cedar glade wildflower honey, about 80 lbs of liquid sunshine.

At precisely 12:45 PM on Monday, 14 May 2012, after two cloudy, rainy days (and two weeks of neglect) six or seven pounds of bees, along with a very pretty, rusty orange Everidge-Holcombe queen, poured forth from the 5′ high entrance to the hive and lit 28′ above ground in a 40′ tall red cedar.

But like a sleep-deprived superhero running on high-octane Chock-Full-O-Nuts coffee, through a thick 54° spring fog came Steve with his trusty, rusty bucket-on-a-stick and he snatched those ungrateful bitches from their lofty perch then poured them into Honey Sun Apiaries’ 17th hive (lang #14).  He then left for work at 6:15 AM.  Here are a few foggy photos:

6+ pounds-o-bees 28′ above ground -14 May 2012

Stupid Bees


SuperBee does more before 6:00 AM than most people do all day


Removing bees from BNA flight path E14 per NTSB Directive SB-581205.


Regular with a capital R, Steve makes his second dump of the day.  The first was three lbs. of honey-filled bees onto his head.


Out of the fog came SuperBee to save the day – 14 May 2012


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  1. This is hilarious!!

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