Spring 2012: Dry and Drier

As summer crawls north after its annual visit to Rio, she will be surprised to find that she has been laid off and spring has been doing her job for the past three months.

Here at Honey Sun Apiaries, we are in the midst, not to be confused with a mist, of a drought. Winter at the Cedar Glade Yard was both warmer and drier than average with spring showing up, at least according to the thermometer, about five weeks early. Unfortunately, the spring rains neither got the memo nor made the trip.

Since March 21, our bees have seen just ten days of measurable precipitation of 1/10 of an inch or more and only two days with rain measuring more than a half inch. In total, the Cedar Glade Yard received just 5.46 inches of precipitation since spring arrived, and just 16.59 inches since January 1. During the same period in 2011 we had 29.36 inches, and in 2010 we measured 31.89 inches of rain.

If we don’t get some rain and some things blooming soon, it does not look good for the girls in the glade.


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