Us? Deeps? Just a few….

Although we’re avowed eight-frame-medium men, Kent Williams out of Kentucky was selling five frame deep nucs for too good of a deal to pass up, so we’ve ordered a few.  We bought some packages from him last year and like the fact that he doesn’t treat his bees.

One of our goals this year is to have eight four frame medium nucs up and running by late spring so we’ll always have queens when we need them this season.  And we should come out of next winter with our own nucs raring to go, which will make our operation sustainable.

two frame deep nuc 002But, the deep nucs posed a small problem with our medium equipment, so we’ve built a couple of two frame deep nucs to help us with the transition.  We’ll use these nucs to hold the queens while we start queen cells in the five frame nucs.  These little nucs are made of scrap wood we had laying around.  There is one thing to remember if you’re building  your own nucs…the ¾ “ wood you use for your tops is thicker than the feeder lids for your mason jars.  You’ll need to take a hammer and tap the 1/8” screen you put on the underside up slightly until it touches the top of your inverted lid.  If you don’t do this, you’ll definitely save on sugar water.  But you’ll have hungry bees, and we all know it takes lots of strong bees to make strong, healthy queens.  So try making some of your own equipment.  It’s rewarding and saves you a lot of money, honey.


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