What’s that you say? A bee gum?

bee_gum006Greg and Angela were out cruising around Cedars of Lebanon State Park and came up on these freshly cut bee gums. Of course, the park ranger had confused them with a hollow tree growing too close to the lodge, and cut them down. We’re going to take a few and turn them into a natural place for feral bees to live near our apiary. We’ll build some sort of stand and make a natural looking top that won’t be removed once bees are in there. We’ll chisel out some of the hard wood still in the center and grind out the soft inside to make it all good and dry and hard, and hopefully a place that is attractive to bees. Once we see how the first one does, we may make a few more.

bee_gum004These logs are BIG! They’re about 30” in diameter with an inside diameter of about 20”, and they’re about two feet tall. We’re guessing the big ones weigh around 250 lbs.

We proved last year that we’re not as good at swarm prevention as we’d hoped, so maybe one of our swarms will take up residence in this beauty of a bee gum! Survivor bees in a hollow log on natural comb with no pesky beekeeper digging around in their house…..now, that’s about as natural as you can get.


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