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In the Apiary

Inspection Day

Around The Apiary

Ol’ Red


colony just before it swarmed - 10 April 2011

About To Fly

Events & Friends

Michael Bush visits

Problems & Pests

Wax Moth Damage

Wax Moth Damage

Installing a Swarm

Fire One Up

Fire One Up

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4 responses to “Photos

  1. Georgia Buckner

    I love your website and your Bee Farm. I would like to purchase the the first jar of honey that you have for sale. I love to chew on the honey cone.

    Your Proud Mom

  2. Georgia Buckner

    This is great! You have more diverse talents than anyone I’ve ever met—–and you’re MINE. d

  3. You’re at least PARTLY mine, too. And I can spell comb. d

  4. Great looking apiary! It has given me a few ideas.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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