10/2011 – Inspection Day

Carey Mitchell, Steve Buckner, Greg Tomerlin & Petra Mitchell
Carey & Petra Mitchell inspect the hives at Cegar-Glade Apiary on 19 October 2011.  Three Langstroth and one Kenyan Top Bar Hive were inspected and found to be healthy and ready for winter.

Here are the original hives in the Honey-Sun yard near Walter Hill, TN.

Here are the original hives in the Honey-Sun yard near Walter Hill, TN.

Here are the first four colonies at the Cedar-Glade yard.  The Langstroth hives are all 8-frame, medium boxes and were initially started with small-cell foundation.

Greg and Steve looking for eggs in a colony from a split made six weeks earlier.

The TBH houses an Italian queen purchased from Ed Johnson in Sumner County that was installed in July.  She replaced a queen which the colony produced preparing to swarm, but their queen failed to breed.  Luckily we caught the situation and rectified it in time.  Here we find honey 20 bars in (the entrance and brood nest are on the end below the smoker).

Italians cluster around the entrance of the TBH.

Here Steve removes small-cell foundation that remained unused by the bees.  In two hives on this date we found that bees had ignored recently installed foundation but had instead drawn comb in adjacent frames which contained no foundation.  Both Steve and Greg, having recently read The Practical Beekeeper by Michael Bush, decided to go “foundationless” from that day on.  In addition, we began swapping our hives over to top entrances on this date.

Check out that gorgeous autumn Cedar-Glade pollen.


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