Top Entrance / Bottom Feeder

While we are also running a few top bar hives and a Warre, we plan to build up this year with eight frame medium Langs. We currently have four of them and plan to split a couple. We started our Langs last Summer using small cell foundation but later in the season switched to foundationless frames when we saw the bees built them as fast as frames with foundation. Our Langs we used last year had standard top covers with inner covers and screened bottom boards.

Our new setup is pictured here, taken straight from Michael Bush’s website. The bottom feeders are made of plywood with 3/4″ sides on them. They extend out to the front or rear so you can pour syrup in without opening the hive. We will place a cover over the screen to keep wind and rain out. There is a small drain hole in the front of each feeder to keep the feeders dry when we’re not using them. The insides are coated with melted beeswax. An addition we’ve made is an aluminum awning over the feeder opening which offers more protection from rain. You can see the entrance across the top.


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