05/2012 – TBH Inspection

The following photos were taken Memorial Day, 28 May 2012 about 8:00 AM.  We intentionally allowed this top bar hive to swarm hoping to catch the swarm and install it in our Warre.  Luckily, it did and we did just that.  You can see the Warre hive sitting next to the TBH in one of the photos.

What we did not expect was for this colony to swarm twice.  It did, but again we caught the swarm and placed them in a Langstroth hive (also seen in a couple of the photos in the back lot).  This was the first inspection of this hive since mid-March, and what we found was no brood but a newly-bred queen and a few bars containing eggs.  As you can see in the photos, all but a couple of the bars are fully drawn, and many of them contain honey and/or pollen.  Although the secondary swarm really set this colony back as far as brood-rearing is concerned, it probably could not have happened at a better time.  This apiary is experiencing drought conditions, while farms  three or four miles away have had plenty of rain.


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