Swarm Hauler

I took an empty 8-frame medium box and made a swarm moving beecase with it. I used an inner cover (since we’re not using them any more) and nailed a piece of plywood to one side. I drilled 1 1/2″ holes in each end of the box and covered them, along with the oblong hole in the inner cover, with #8 hardware cloth. These offer plenty of ventilation. I hinged the inner cover for a top door to shake the bees into, and installed a window latch to keep it closed nice and tight for the trip to the bee yard. There is a swiveling luan piece on the top that can be spun to cover the additional 1-1/2″ that will used for the remaining bees to enter the box once the majority of the swarm bees are inside. This is easier than hauling a hive around for swarm catching.


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