Top Feeder Mod – Lang

Greg bought two Freeman Beetle Trap screened bottom boards ( ) at the last Tennessee Beekeeping Convention in Cookeville. We want to use these bottom boards but have converted these hives to top entrances as well. Since we can’t use our bottom feeder with the new bottom board/traps on these two hives, we’ve modified some top feeders we bought last year from Miller Bee Supply. I cut a hole behind the hole the bees originally entered the feeder from. I added a dam across the width of the feeder and moved the screen back to cover the new hole. Now, the bees can come up thru the front feeder hole and use it to get to the top entrance. They can come up from inside the hive through the second hole to get to the syrup, which is completely isolated from the entrance. For a bee to get to the feeder from outside, she must first enter the hive and crawl up through the bottom feeder entrance.


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